The Association of Malawian Midwives

What We Do

AMAMI works in a broad range of areas to support the continuous improvement of the midwifery profession in Malawi.

conferenceAnnual meeting:  AMAMI  provides an annual forum for members to come together, share knowledge, and  discuss issues of concern to improve the midwifery profession. The goal is to promote midwifery research, education and practice standards and provide midwives with the necessary support to promote the profession and improve midwifery care for women, mothers, and their newborns.

Strengthening  midwifery connections  at the district, zone and national  levels through arranging  meetings and organizing international and inter-regional visits between and among AMAMI members.

Midwifery care and quality improvement: Building capacity of midwives throughpatient publishing periodic newsletters and pamphlets, organizing in-service education, seminars and workshops  at the health unit, district, regional or national levels.  Encourage incorporation of safe motherhood concepts in the midwifery curriculum.

 Lobbying and Advocacy: AMAMI lobbies government at various levels to improve the working conditions and welfare  of midwives and improve resource allocation to maternity units to improve maternal and neonatal health.

Research:  AMAMI encourages midwives to conduct midwifery research and provide care on evidence-based practice.

shake handsTask Forces:  Currently AMAMI,  in collaboration with other key stakeholders, has set up a task force to develop a Midwifery Strategy for Malawi. Working with NMCM in development of direct entry into midwifery aligning the syllabus to global standards for midwifery education and including essential competencies for basic midwifery practice.